Getting the hang of Vedauwoo 5.7s

Colin on Lower Slot Left 5.7Not that they don’t still scare me, but I’m starting to gain just a little confidence on 5.7 Vedauwoo cracks. Sean and Colin join Ann, Kate, and me for some more quality time on the Nautilus. I start out on Ted’s Trot 5.7, which looks like an endless, grueling offwidth. To my relief it’s fairly civilized, takes smaller pro, and offers beautiful hand and fist jams in addition to the groveling. The crux is a scary move through a roof on a fist jam, terrific fun. I follow Colin on Cornelius 5.5, a perfect diagonal finger crack on a slab, then lead Lower Slot Left 5.7, a gripping finger to hand to fist crack. We’re all doing better on these cracks, falling less, but man they still tax me. I keep thinking I’m done with them, then I find myself wanting to try one more…

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