Barfy’s Favorite on Greyrock

Gearing upIt’s highly questionable whether we should be rock climbing today after we drive halfway to the crag with the hatch of our Subaru open, but these things happen to everyone, right? We also forget to drop our garbage off, so it will cook in the car all day. Hmm.

The hike in to Greyrock goes better, if slowly. Lots of plants are flowering, the air is sweet, and the bugs aren’t out yet.

We decide to climb Barfy’s Favorite 5.7, to the top. The first move – one good handjam to pull off a boulder and step onto little crystals on the face – is probably the hardest on the climb. The rest of pitch 1 and 2 are easy touring up the flanks Greyrock. Pitch 3 delivers some more fun climbing and a little less protection for spice (the way I went, anyway). Pitch 4 is basically a scramble to the top. We take our time and relish the day.

At the top Mark, Kate, and Kate’s mom Chris meet us with chocolate! It doesn’t get much better than that. We hike down with them and have a celebratory meal at Coop’s to polish off the weekend.

7 responses to “Barfy’s Favorite on Greyrock”

  1. Hey, it was a really fun day and a great hike! Though it turns out your forgetfulness was contagious, with horrible results. I actually left my Nikon sitting on the side of CO-14 as we drove off to Coop’s. I realized it was missing after dinner, and we drove back that night in the rain. It is gone. Gone, gone, gone. Gone.

  2. Have you done Greatest Route at this crag? The write-ups and pictures lend me to believe it is fun…Just wondering!

  3. I haven’t done Greatest Route yet, no. I considered doing that route, but there was another party headed for it, and I wanted a route to ourselves. Maybe next time…

  4. Hey, reading all these comments for the first time was like reading a short story…all these forgettings, agony, sympathy, and then, wow, a miracle and happy ending. I am in Michigan armchairing all this sport n’ story. Thanks, all.

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