Palace Fun

We make it up to The Palace about the same time the rain clouds do. The river is 2 or 3 inches higher than our last crossing, and we hope a sudden downpour doesn’t raise the water level much more.

We start on Churhill Rejects 5.9+, which is now my favorite starter route here, reminiscent of an Owen’s River Gorge favorite called Nirvana. Jestor 5.10b bucks me a few times at the crux and makes me work hard for the anchor 80 feet off the ground. Ann is happy to make it up on TR, as am I on round two. I finish with a toprope on the shorter Ghost of Cedar Creek 5.11a, which I throw myself at with everything I’ve got, and manage not to fall. Great edges, edges to dream about.

The river lets us back across, before the clouds return and start to sprinkle again.

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