I pinch the penny at last

I had planned my first day of bouldering at Rotary Park, but when the time comes I don’t really want to go. It’s chilly and windy. I promised Ann that I’d pick her up there after her hike though, so I make myself go. Of course, as always with bouldering, I’m glad I did. The wind soon dies down and it’s pleasantly cool. The rock feels good, and the problems I remember go smoothly and quietly. I finish on the Penny Pincher, and after a few tries I get it, to my own amazement! All last year I worked and failed at this problem. The warm glow of bouldering joy fills me up, and I remember why I bother hauling myself out here after a long day at work.

6 responses to “I pinch the penny at last”

  1. It’s not at all impressive looking, just some crimps and nubbins on one of the smaller boulders. Sit start. The way it feels though – always like you’re just a hair shy of hanging on. So you try again, and are a hair shy again. And you try again, and your fingers become noodles with no skin on the tips.

  2. I wish I could enjoy bouldering that way. Most of the time that I try, I get schooled by someone who doesn’t even look like they climb. “Hey, how did potbelly guy cling to that nothing hold?”

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