Buttonrock Climbing

Sean joins me to explore the Buttonrock Reservoir area for climbing options. We want to start on the River Wall, which looks like it will get some early sun. When we see two climbers ahead of us climbing barefoot above the river to get there, we decide maybe we should try to descend from above. It works, but it only adds an unnecessary huff and a lot of logistics to the day. It doesn’t matter though, when we finally lower our rope onto Introducing Meteor Dad 5.10d, we’re treated to an excellent long face climb. Sean then wades back around while I rappell with my pack down to the dry side. We conclude it would have been way easier just to wade. On this side we find Dihedral 5.8, which we both enjoy. Sean pulls a muscle though, and decides to stop. I’d like to check out at least one more crag in the area, so we drive back to Buick Rocks, which are now sunny. I lead Green Slab 5.9+, a slightly devious route up a leaning slab. A few raindrops hit me and the wind picks up after that, so we call it a day. This area doesn’t have a large number of routes, but they seem to be good quality. I look forward to sampling a few more.

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