Ann’s Prebirthday Party

Pre-Birthday CelebrantsAnn made a special request this year for angel’s food cake with strawberries. She even provided the strawberries, but alas, my cake was less than angelic. The strawberries alone saved it from a fate as dense and dry as a Mojave arroyo. Luckily my Dad, keeping his reputation as a resplendent birthday maker, came through again with fun wrapped gifts and cards. The party was rounded out with Sarah, myself, and the two family dogs Jezze and Jasmine. Ann’s actual birthday is next Friday, and will involve some driving…

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  1. Yummy-looks delish. Berry bliss! Happy B-day to Ann. Dennis’ b-day is today. Needless to say, we’re not driving anywhere as it’s a workday.

    Have fun, both of you!!! (I know I’m such a demanding friend).

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