Cirque of the Cracks – Eldorado Canyon

Kate makes the excellent call to scrap our Vedauwoo plans and head to Eldorado Canyon. The Vedauwoo web cam showed mostly blowing snow at 8 am, but Eldorado Canyon State Park is sunny and lovely. Sean comes along, Mark & Kate, and their friends JD and Rachael. The day is mostly sun and bliss, interspersed with a few early season trad gruntfests at an area called Cirque of the Cracks. The most exciting parts of the day, although we only know it the second time, are the crossings of South Boulder Creek. Unbeknownst to me when I shot this video, there is a twenty-some-foot waterfall just out of view downstream.

On the way back I spotted the falls, and we almost scrambled down to the bridge, but made a much more tense reverse crossing safely.

I’m not sure what it was, probably being wedged in a 5.7 offwidth looking for protection for half an hour, but the next day I feel as sore as I ever have. Walkin’ like an old man, albeit one with a smile on his face.

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  1. Heh, really? You didn’t notice the giant waterfall 6 feet to the right when you were crossing the first time? 🙂 I agree, the crossing was tense, and I’m pretty darn sure the water was higher and moving faster on our way out. We’ll definitely be exploring for a better way if we go back this spring.

    Sorry you guys all feel so sore, but I’m glad to hear everybody had fun! I’ve got the pictures up (but nothing else done) on my site.

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