Owl in the snow

Owl perched in a snowstormAnother snow storm is getting cranked up as I leave work. I’m hunkering down for the bike ride home when I hear a strange bird call. Looking up, I see this Great Horned Owl perched in a tree, posing for a portrait. It’s not the owl I’m hearing, though, it’s some kind of pigeon fluttering in circles around it, freaking out. I have no idea what’s going on, but it seems fortunate as I usually hear owls out here but can’t see them. I’m not sure if I had my flash on or what, but the owl’s eyes shone for the photo.

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2 thoughts on “Owl in the snow

  1. Wow, what a huge owl. I’ve not ever seen one in the wild-What a unique event! Aren’t they nocturnal?

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