Back on the trail

Back againI attempt to ride the bike in to work again today. It’s not bad! There are still big piles of snow everywhere, but most of the way has been plowed, including the Poudre bike trail. They didn’t plow my bike rack, though!

4 responses to “Back on the trail”

  1. dude. you’re so much braver than i. i can’t find a route that isn’t somewhat terrifying due to the lack of bike lanes. or maybe i’m just being a chicken. congrats on being able to ride.

  2. Well, I don’t have to brave any high-traffic streets on my route. There are definitely streets I wouldn’t ride yet.

  3. You should take a picture of the parking lot-to show the contrast of all the cars vs. your vehicle 8^)

    Does your seat get icy? Or do you keep it covered during the day? One of my pet peeves is a wet seat (don’t have to worry much here though).

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