Ready to eatWe’re treated to a Christmas with all the traditional American elements: family (the Fish side), a tree, gifts, kids, church, snow, and an abundance of rich food. While enjoying it all I observe the contrast with my everyday life. There is time for pure play, and pure contemplation. I make sure to do some of each.

2 responses to “Christmas”

  1. Pure play … a great phrase! I thought the same thing when I was at my in-laws this x-mas. We played scrabble & backgammon. I did not get last place at the scrabble table this season, which shows marked improvement.

    I remember the first time I played with Dennis’ family…I stormed out of the room halfway through the game saying, “You people are impossible”. It was my first time playing with cut-throats! Meanwhile, they were wondering why their kind & loving son married a crazed,raving lunatic 8^)

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