Indian Hills Thanksgiving

Ann & DadThe cast at Dad & Sarah’s this year includes Grandma Zita, Tanti Bertie, Jezze, Sarah’s son Adrian and his dog Jasmine. The usual fare was preceded, at Adrian’s request, by an appetizer of giant prawns and scallops that made a delectable meal in itself. No one had the wisdom to stop there, of course, and we managed to pack in the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, string beans, cabbage, rice, cranberry sauce and another pie made from the pumpkin we picked last month. I got a good side ache on our after dinner walk with the dogs around the neighborhood. On the history channel afterward we learn that a true Indian Hills remembrance of the events at Plymouth Rock would include a host of armed natives, but the remaining Wampanoag boycotted even the official feast in Massachusetts this year. We feel very American. It is the one time of year we see Zita and Bertie, and we resolve to try to visit them again before next Thanksgiving.

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