Book: God’s Prisoner of War / Linda Ansel

This is a self-published book that tells the story of Marjorie Harrison, a missionary and somewhat distant relative of mine. A major part of her story is her internment in China during World War II. I knew that this began at the missionary school at Chefoo on the northeast coast of China, but I never made the connection that she was moved to Weihsien, the same camp I read about in the book Shantung Compound by Langdon Wilkey. My aunt Kathy was also there for a short time, but was repatriated much earlier than Marjie because of her US citizenship. This is also the camp where Eric Liddell of Chariots of Fire fame died of a brain tumor.

The book is written as a missionary testament aimed at children, but is full of little gems of family history for me.

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  1. Would love to get the name of that book about your aunt. I had a book published about my grandmother- who was in the same WeiHsien internment camp- and was later repatriated on the Gripsholm in 1943- probably your aunt was on the same ship- I have the article in the 1943 December issue of LIFE magazine that does a picture essay about the return of the prisoners of war.

  2. Mrs. Ansel was my teacher in third grade and read this book to us just before it was published. She would read it to us in the classroom and once outside, I really enjoyed it.

  3. I am a graduate student at the University of Alberta and I am doing research on the Weihsien Camp. I would very much like to get a copy of the book abut your aunt for use in my thesis. Do you have any way of putting me in touch with someone who could sell me a copy?

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