Alan's CreationWe’ve been living our 33-foot fifth wheel for well over a year now, and I can only think of one thing I truly missed. This week our generous friend Alan came to my rescue with a built-to-spec desk that holds all that our previous desk did, and one more thing: my keyboard. I didn’t realize until was back how much I missed it. I can now resume one of my favorite pastimes – staring out the window and making noise on the keys. Thanks Alan!

2 responses to “Completion”

  1. Found you on the 25 peeps. Up to a couple days ago I was on that page as well and now I’m not. Interesting you live in a 5th wheel. My wife and I have been thinking about doing the same thing to try and save some rent.

    Any tips on surviving 2 people crammed into such a small space?

  2. Wow, maybe I didn’t enough credit to the 25 peeps audience!

    My first tip would be to make sure you can actually save money on rent. There aren’t nearly as many options here for parking as we had hoped for. We have a cat, which eliminates the cheapest option. After that the only reasonably located place was $450 per month, and it’s since been bought and price hikes are on the way. With our loan payment, we’re paying more than we did renting a small house.

    As for living in a small space, we’re just well suited to it, I think. We like being cozy and together, and we get plenty of time apart during the day. We like not having too much stuff to take care of. The space constraints just aren’t a problem for us – but that’s probably a personality thing. Be realistic about your own needs.

    Lastly, the fifth wheel is more work to take care of than we anticipated! Little electrical problems can be confusing, and washing the thing is a huge pain.

    There you go – one perspective from the front.

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