I’ve been honored to put up a new website for fellow outdoor adventurer Paula Constant: constanttrek. She has put together an expedition from scratch that is almost beyond imagining, surviving a split with her husband and months of searching for funds to continue her walk across the Sahara desert, which she is now ready to resume. I’ll remain involved with the web site, and hope it enables Paula to effectively share her journey with the rest of us.

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  1. Not only done the website, but done an absolutely amazing job in no time at all and with sod all help from me. Everyone loves it! I have had a load of emails saying how great the site looks now – I am just thrilled, thankyou. Also….to your Mum….the book she is thinking of is by robyn Davidson and is called “Tracks” – it is a personal favourite of mine,and a source of comfort and inspiration to me when I am down.

    Cheers mate!

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