Saved by dumb luck

Grillin with Clare & DennisWe’ve never been so indecisive going into a three day weekend. We can’t decide on any of half a dozen plans. We pick up Sean to take him to the airport at 7:10, car packed for camping and climbing, still no idea where we’re going. And no closer after dropping Sean off. We nearly go to Shelf Road, but decide to stay closer to home. We point the car towards Boulder. When we get there it’s raining, and we decide to just start with a rest day at home.

We haven’t been home long when I get phone call from our friend Clare. “Hi! We’re in Denver now, but we should be there this afternoon…” Slowly it dawns on me that Dennis and Clare, scheduled on our calendar to arrive next weekend, are here. We’ve been planning this visit with them all summer, but we marked it on the wrong weekend. We nearly abondoned our friends who we haven’t seen in nearly twothree years. Yikes.

Luckily, we have all makin’s for a great dinner on the grill, and the reunion goes just as it should have. Clare even presents us with gifts – including a #4 camalot that she purchased from Ted! I still remember hanging for an hour from that thing on Airy Interlude, and now it’s mine :D. I’ve never been happier to be rained on in Boulder.

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