The Ironclads – Ironsides

Ann on Gypsy in the PalaceThere is another brief rain shower early in the morning, but then it seems to clear up, so we hike back up to Mount Boner where Ann takes her turn leading Shaking the Pope’s Hand 5.7. There’s a freezing wind blowing, so we decide to hike further in to Ironsides. It’s cold there too, so we scout around a bit, but eventually settle down there, where Ann leads Gypsy in the Palace 5.8. This her most sustained lead yet, and she’s rightfully thrilled to do it almost perfectly (one short hang at the first crux). I follow her up this, then continue up Fire Widow 5.10c, which bucks me a couple of times, but I feel good about finishing. On that note we call it a day, happy to have discovered this spot away from the ATVs and gunfire so prevalent lower down.

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