City of Rocks – The Wart

Wart RappelI’m still up for a single pitch or two in the evening, and Ann is tired but willing to belay. Heading to Elephant Rock we see the first evidence of the weekend crowds – the lot is full and a line of climbers marches toward the shady face. Rather than wait in line we head up the road a bit to a less contentious spot – The Wart. Here we have a 60-foot, slightly chossy, but shady face to ourselves. I put up a toprope and find 4 routes up to it, two hard slabs, a fun flake, and a thin crack. It’s enough to put the tired happy smile I was seeking on my face before dinner.

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  1. “It’s enough to put the tired happy smile I was seeking on my face before dinner.”

    Throw the cow over the fence some hay.

    i am not at all curious as to why you are leaving the ratings of the climbs OUT. ; )

  2. Ann called it “taking the dog for a walk”.

    I figured no one would be curious about the ratings unless they were planning to do the climb 😉

  3. i FINALLY went to the 5.10 factory in Redlands. got 3 pairs of shoes
    anasazi laceups & velcros
    and a pair of the mtn biking shoes (0h my.. are these things wicked!). climbing shoe runbber on a bike pedal? stickier than clip ins.. hoooweee.

    redlands was a blast. we found this club called “the boiler room”. not sure what its standing in the community is, but it’s down an alley and it plays techno all night. we only made ’til the early AM’s. fun tho.

    sounds like City of Rocks is great. i heard it’s like a miniature JTree. tons of bouldering there too. there is 2 City of Rocks. the one in Idaho (which apparently you are familiar with) and the one in New Mexico, which is considered a phenomenal bouldering area (maybe some climbing).

    anyway, the camping and climbing looked good. glad to see you are leading stuff, ann.

  4. It was good.

    City of Rocks has a very similar appeal to us to Joshua Tree. There’s no side trips to The Boiler Room tho – the nearest city is probably Boise 200 miles away!

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