Visiting Fish in Nampa, Idaho

In the kitchenThe Fish in question are Ann’s parents, who have just moved along with the Mission Aviation Fellowship headquarters. Our first impression of Nampa is that half the roads are closed! Most likely this is a sign of healthy growth, but in the interim it means that getting from one point to another requires either half a page of up-to-date directions, or a map, some spare time, and a sense of adventure. Our directions guide us through the roadblocks and railroad crossings to a pleasant neighborhood where we find the new Fish residence. It is just similar enough to their last house in Redlands, California that I have to remind myself now & then that we’ve driven northwest for a day and a half to get here. They’re still getting settled, and we help by dropping off a few boxes of our own and eating some tasty meals. By the time we leave there’s some new furniture in place, arrangements for some interior painting, fewer cherry tomatoes in the back yard patch, and we have fairly thoroughly explored the surrounding neighborhoods with their dog Sandy. We also happen to notice that there might be room for a fifth wheel next to the house with just a little modification to the fence…

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