Tumbleweed Stampede in Sublette, Idaho

Tumbleweed StampedeThe evening finds us in the broad hills of southeast Idaho, where a setting sun shines through the rain falling from a long cloud in the giant sky. Taking the Sublette exit off I-84, we drive east toward a pocket of Sawtooth National Forest to camp. Ahead of us on the narrow, recently paved road we see a herd of strange creatures racing along the asphalt. As we gain on them they reveal themselves as tumbleweeds, moving in an eerily straight line down the road with us. The herd is must be several hundred large – it takes a few minutes to pass them all.

We see some RVs in the parking lot of Sublette reservoir, apparently parked to stay for a while. A bit further up the road we turn up the creek and pitch our tent in the midst of some noisy, grazing cattle. The sky and moon make up for any aesthetic deficiencies in our accomodations for the night.

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