Vedauwoo – Valley Massif

Dylan on Soft Touch 5.5At last, a sunny day at Vedauwoo! Ann, Sean, and I figure it’s been six weeks since our last route – yow. Dad and Sarah join us for the familiar hike into Valley Massif. We do a route called Soft Touch, 5.5. The rating is easy, but true to Vedauwoo, it’s only “easy” if your stemming, jamming, and various other wide crack techniques are developed. It provides plenty of exposure, is nice and long, and even has a shady section – a gift of a route on a nice day. Ann, Sean, and I enjoy it thoroughly. Afterward, even though it’s too hot and sunny now, I attempt to toprope the neighboring route Bachelor Party, 5.11b. This would be a very good route if it weren’t for the chossy traverse. That part is well protected (by bolts) at least, but I’m still not sure I’d try leading it. The seam lieback and upper slab are great – they buck me off a few times and get me good and dehydrated. Dad and Sarah took a bunch of video during the day, which I may post eventually. We choose an extended hike back that gets us back to the Nautilus parking area very tired.

6 responses to “Vedauwoo – Valley Massif”

  1. Sounds like a great day. Wow, going from 5.5 to 5.11 must have been a bit of a shock. Still both routes sound like fun.

  2. Well, the 5.11 was thin slab & face, which seems to be the only kind of 5.11 I can do, especially in Vedauwoo. The cracks start to make me quiver at 5.6…

  3. maybe you should go to the climbing wall more if you want to climb better. it seems to work wonders for people ’round these parts. i am going to start going.

  4. I spent all winter in the gym, and Vedauwoo cracks still spank me! I knew I shouldn’t have quit going when the weather got nice…

  5. actually, i am kinda just climbing to get better at gym plastic pulling. i wanna be able to do 583 consecutive laps on the pink taped “route”.

    seriously tho, it’s working wonders for folks. i heard barry went from only having to hang 2x on a 10a to being to do a 10c with only 3 hangs. NOW THAT’S PROGRESSION!

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