Cousin Dougie’s Bachelor Party

In keeping with the time-honored tradition of comitting the events of a bachelor party to utter secrecy, I shan’t post about it on my blog. Well, not the best bits anyway. Frisbee golf – that won’t upset anyone. I kind of like the game, to my surprise, but not because I’m any good at it. Doug and his cohorts whipped me by at least 10 strokes (except for Liz’s 17-year old brother Matt, who was kind enough to send his disc on exotic vacations between holes, like the roof of Middleville Elementary, adding countless penalties to his prodigious total). But on to the bits I can’t talk about. An exception must surely be made for Doug’s performance of a song about Princess Leia in an Irish bar. His Jedi robes flowed handsomely onto the stage, the bartender cranked up the PA system so everyone could hear, and a line of admirers cheered him on and tucked bills into his costume. He really put his heart into it – I was moved. It was nearly the highlight of the evening, but of course I can’t mention what that was…

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