Meijer’s Gardens

ProvocatuerI wouldn’t have guessed that we’d be dazzled by cactus in Michigan, but it happens at Meijer’s Gardens in Grand Rapids. This place surprises us with interesting art, many diverse plants and animals, good walking, and even a giant horse. It’s the perfect place to meet after our family reunion luncheon. We can all stroll, talk, find things of interest to each of us, and reconvene at intervals.

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This is Ann’s first encounter with my Mom’s brothers Carter and Dewey, Carter’s daughter Lorna (Colin couldn’t make it) and wife Gail, as well as some more extended famiy – my Grandmother Ruth’s sister Amy and her daughters Nancy and Judy. It’s my first meeting with Nancy and Judy also, having missed them in Minneapolis on my 1999 bike tour. They are fans of the cactus too. We’re a lively bunch, and it’s clear that it would take a lot of time for all of us to become well aquainted, but this is a start.

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