Bay City River Roar

Cheers on the dockWe happen to be in Bay City during a major event, the River Roar. This is an outboard motorboat race, where boats that can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in 3 seconds and top 130 mph circle a tight 1-mile course on the 700-ft wide Saginaw River. Mom has an invite to a dockside party with front row seats for the race.

Bay City River RoarIt’s a bit windy, making an already challenging course really choppy and difficult. Eventually a race gets underway, but is held up when the wind catches a boat and sends it flipping through the air right in front of us. I’ve never watched anything remotely like this.

2 responses to “Bay City River Roar”

  1. you are white trash.

    and, you don’t want to be anywhere near the front on those events as the boats tend to mosh up into the first several sections and decapitate onlookers.

    still… looks like it’d be the thing to do if you just ‘happened’ to be there that weekend.

  2. Well we couldn’t find any NASCAR events in the area – what do expect us to do?

    I think they add the mangled onlookers as special effects in the TV broadcast.

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