Shelf Road – Cactus Cliff & Gem Wall

Lisa on Gem Wall

Today there are some high clouds, so we optimistically head to the sunny Cactus Cliff area. Lisa & Dave go with some of their friends to the tougher Gem Wall, and we head for Cactus to see what we can hit before it gets too hot.

Crynoid Corner, 5.7. Ann leads this again, and I follow. Such a nice dihedral.

Banana Split, 5.10a. I lead this strange half-crack, half-face route. It puts you to some interesting decisions – I’m happy to have done it cleanly. Ann works hard on it on toprope, and makes it up with a few hangs, feeling good about it.

Hey Pueblo Gringo, got a hanger?, 5.10d. A short, fun, 4-bolt route. The crux throws me once.

The sun is on us now, so we wander over to Gem to find the Lisa & Dave, and I’m tempted into one more…

Unknown twisted crack, 5.10a. I forgot to ask the name of this one, but it made a really nice final lead. A hand crack pushes you from one face to the other as it twists through a bulge. My favorite route of the trip, no falls.

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3 responses to “Shelf Road – Cactus Cliff & Gem Wall”

  1. These climbs looks like fun. I’d like to try that unknown twisted crack route. When we come out for a visit Labor Day week-maybe we can give some of these routes a shot!?! We’ll have to see-I’m sure there’s so much to choose from.

  2. Hi there,

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I also enjoy looking up what you are up to – although i have never climbed anywhere in my life. Love the philosophy behind it, as outlined on your home page. Finding creative and rewarding ways to fund travel is a never ending goal…

  3. this wall does look fun!
    On climbing, I’m not that good yet, I just started to do some sport lead routes and it’s fun! Can’t wait to be able to go outdoors.

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