My first attempt at high dynamic range, or combining several exposures into one, just to see if I could employ the technique using the GIMP. Not hard at all – the only trick was lining up the different frames, which weren’t exactly the same because I used a micro tripod strapped to my bike handlebars.

4 responses to “Meadow”

  1. That is quite an incredible picture – very impressive!

    also, i don’t think that i will be coming down tonight, as i need to finalize packing all of my belongings in preperation to get them out the door tomorrow. You’re jealous, i know.

  2. Thanks! This technique has a lot of potential – I’m looking forward to trying it in more situations.

    I have some packing to do also for the weekend, but I think I’ll try to get out for a little while.

  3. It’s just a combination of these three pictures that uses the differences in brightness to even out the whole picture:
    Meadow Light
    Meadow Medium
    Meadow Dark

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