My Mom the Professional Blogger!

I’m proud that after introducing my mom to blogging, she took to it with the same passion that fuels her many creative endeavors. She turned to her blog as a form of therapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her blog attracted some attention, and when the Health Central Breast Cancer Site discovered it, they hired her to blog for them. You can now read Mary’s Breast Cancer Blog there, updated twice weekly. Congrats Mom!

2 responses to “My Mom the Professional Blogger!”

  1. It’s nice! For some reason I remembered that the first time when I saw my dad’s comment on my blog, I was so shocked. Not because they don’t know how to browse on the Internet, it was because my mom hates me being outdoorsy … 🙁

  2. Thanks, Dylan, for the plug and enthusiasm! And to “Little Po”, lucky for Dylan, “outdoorsy” runs in the family, although not all in the same way!

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