Greyrock climbing outing

Greyrock meadows

Sadly, Ann is down with the stomach funk today, so Sean and I leave for Greyrock at 8 am without her. The parking lot is already nearly full at 9, and the day is clear and warm. Excited, we lug our gear quickly up the 3.3-mile, 1,500-ft approach to the South Slabs. Last time I was here I skipped over Two Minds Meet, 5.7, so I start with that quite pleasant lead. On the next tier we hit the classy Slab Happy, 5.7, and Climb on My Face, 5.10b. Sean is very stoked to fight his way Climb on My Face.

After lunch we move to the Southeast Slabs and I lead Pretty Face, 5.8. This is a good route with sustained 5.8 face climbing. There are only 3 bolts in the first 100 feet, but I was able to put a couple of pieces in to supplement them. Still, it had my full attention, and the old quarter-inch bolts are not as reassuring as I’d like. I think there is supposed to be a bolted anchor a bit higher than the ledge at 100 feet, but I couldn’t see it so I belayed and rappeled here.

We take the longer descent via the Meadows, which I haven’t done before. This is definitely the scenic route, with grand views much of the way. My dogs were barking by the end, though, when we collapsed into the car exahausted.

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  1. The ‘stomach funk’ sounds like the name of a french techno band translated into english.

    On the matter of hiking, though, I just got accepted into this program in Vermont where you do a month of trail maintenance and wilderness projects. And I get paid for it…so I’m real excited.

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