Rotary Park Bouldering


Sean was introduced to bouldering today after riding his bike up to Rotary Park to meet me. “I’ll never ever do that again,” he said of the ride. These hills are some of the steepest little buggers in the area.

We spent most of our time on The Eliminator boulder (I think), working some of the slabbier areas and finishing on an overhang. I don’t know any problem names yet. Sean did great with some fairly high top outs and insecure slab moves. The weather was gorgeous again.

I spent a little time by myself on The Ship’s Prow before leaving. There are a couple of beauties here, I think.

As requested, this time I took more photos.

5 responses to “Rotary Park Bouldering”

  1. the rock looks good there. really cool.

    the pics of you are a bit too close / too much stuff chopped off (feet / hands / head / boulder /etc).

    aside from that, thanks. place looks neat. glad yer bouldering.

  2. I think Sean was busy enough figuring out bouldering to concentrate much on pictures 🙂

    This rock reminds me of Red Rocks, NV more than anyplace else I’ve been.

  3. Some of the rock looks like Red Rocks-but all that mossy stuff covering the rock-that is not at all like red rocks 8^)

    Nice of you to share pics with us. Looks like some fun fun problems.

    Looks like you have permi-smile in those pics. Must have been psyched to be out bouldering again!

    I will be contacting you soon regarding the webhosting…excited bout that.

  4. Well. I don’t think they’re that bad. But yeah, I wasn’t really concentrating on the taking of the pics. Next time I’ll do better.

  5. Well, pictures that satisfy Ted wouldn’t necessary be good in your opinion – the criteria are highly variable 😉

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