Red white and blue baby

Red white and blue baby

Just for fun I slapped some old photo effects on this fine trio to highlight their vintage. The Poudre River bike trail goes right between this trailer park and the river. There are lots more old cars in this area for future pickins.

3 responses to “Red white and blue baby”

  1. Did you paint the stripes on? How did you do that? I can do a lot of things with Photoshop but I don’t think I could manage those special effects!

  2. Ha – no, the owner (I assume) was kind enough to paint the stripes for me. They were just waiting for a portrait! I just put some simple effects on the picture to make it look older.

  3. yeah i was with yer mom on this one. i kept looking at the [skunk] stripes and thinking “Nice effect… but could use some touchups”.

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