Heron Lake & Foothills

Heron Lake & Foothills

The high today was 11 degrees Fahrenheit. We didn’t think we were missing winter, but this weather brought an unexpected feeling of relief.

We know from the one cold snap earlier in the season to leave a tap running in temperatures like this, but today held another lesson for us. The running tap kept the intake from freezing, but our drain hose froze solid. We realized this when water came pouring out of the shower, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. Apparently the shower has the lowest drain in the RV. After mopping up, we realized our dilemma. We have to run the tap to keep the intake from freezing, but there’s nowhere for the water to go!

We’ve spent the day bailing water out of the shower with a bucket. About noon we propped an electric heater up by the drain, hoping to melt it. After a couple hours a section of drain hose was thawed in front of the heater, and I moved it along to another section. Another two hours and that section was melted, but the previous one was freezing up again. Ha! I pulled the plug, and we’re now trying to figure how avoid making dishes and using the bathroom. Aaaaaaahhhhh, winter at last.

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  1. Yikes! You seem awfully exposed out there on the prairie. Maybe drain the pipes and take a couple of weeks in Fort Lauderdale? There’s a condo there I have access to…I’ll take the couch!

  2. yowza guys, i always forget that when i am simply freezing in my basement, you guys are literally freezing in the Jane! Hopefully it won’t dip this cold again!

  3. For the record, it took all day Monday, with temperatures in the 40’s and an electric heater, to melt the drain out. Amazingly, nothing appears to have sustained any damage.

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