Goldeneye Mates

Goldeneye Mates

This is a pair of Common Goldeneye ducks, several of which visited our lake on my walk this morning. They were all paired up already, but the drakes were still doing their mating call. They stick their head in the water, then throw it all the way back until it hits their body, emitting an odd sounding squawk on the way. Their wings whistle when they fly, which I got several opportunities to hear when I got too close.

Ann is at the tail end (I hope) of a nasty cold, and I’m fighting to fend it off, so it’s a quiet weekend here.

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  1. Yes, the whistling wings distinguish Golden Eyes from Buffleheads, which look really similar but usually hang out in big cozy bunches and don’t whistle when they wing it. I like this picture!

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