Sunrise over Heron Lake

Sunrise over Heron Lake

The sun is just coming up now when I leave for work, filling the spaces between the inky trees across the frozen lake with a warm orange glow.

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  1. That is very cool – i have been sitting in a classroom for the last two weeks that has a window justy perfectly aligned with the sunrise every morning. It’s been quite neat.

    hey, you guys climbing thursday night?

  2. Watching the sun come up makes me feel more connected with the world somehow. I’ll miss it when the long days return.

    The gym is closed Thursday (after 6pm)! Maybe Friday…

  3. yeah, there is something, like a tangible connection with time .. or the earth, when you see the sunrise.

    i am rarely up that early, but i do have that nice N-S drive with little or no obstruction. seeing the sun hit the Sierras while it’s still dark .. then it just creeps in. another day blooms.

  4. oddly, this is the best i have felt since i moved here.

    i allowed, or otherwise, ties with people like rich to be cut / loosened and i am no longer trying to run in / be a part of that circle. i just let it happen instead of .. trying. i feel better.

    plus, i dunno, i just feel good these days. maybe it’s the lack of wind.

    but i definitely hit on your sunrise connection. it’s like you can feel the world spinning around and you get that warm “Here we go again.. it’s a new day” feeling. sunrises.

    oh and.. all this talk of pulling on plastic is about to make me cringe and go into a profanity laced tirade.

    when are you going to post some pics of your local gymrat hangout?

    1 more week of days getting shorter.. then, well, you know, that sun rises a bit earlier.

  5. Well, you sound good too. And well. Seems like you hit your groove.

    I have not been inspired to take the camera to the gym, except when Ann’s mom came with us. It can be difficult at times to be enthusiastic about plastic, but I want to keep going, if only to maintain a little finger strength and spend some time with our friends who go there.

  6. I wish I had a web site. I was just looking for your log and found it. Thought I might post to say hi. Yes! Dylan I will get back to you about that site you were talking about. I am really busy right now here in Vicenza Italy. Ann! How are you doing? I will be in touch with both of you soon.
    And if Ted see’s this…or if you are connecting with him by mail, tell him I said hi.

  7. well dylan, the climbing gym thing was kind of a joke.
    of course i like and yourself very much, but i don’t like plastic at all. i sympathize with you cuz i know yer an outdoor nut like myself.

    so i have been getting besieged by emails from the volunteers at the climbing wall and i have been telling them to take me off the mailing list.

    so i posted this

    and emailed all of them this:

    As a MERRY F!#$ING CHRISTMAS to all of you, you are all hereby absolved of your “climbing” wall duties until after New Year’s. I will be taking over all of the “climbing” wall duties, including, but not limited to the following:
    1 – belaying
    2 – cleaning the shoes
    3 – posing
    4 – doing the pink taped route
    5 – working the moves out on the green taped route (eeeeewwwww!! it’s so tuff!!!)
    6 – posing
    7 – taking ill gnar gnar whippers to “whoa!” the crowd
    8 – posing
    9 – posing (see i got this new harness and i really want to show it off!!)

    The last month – 6 weeks have been filled with *~*~*~primo perfecto*~*~*~ weather and i have been doing lots of first ascents on the most righteous boulders in the IWV (at least the most righteous ones that have now been discovered).

    But this really sucks and I am feeling a great yearning / burning to get indoors and climb on plastic. Plus, I heard the blue taped root is fully ill gnar gnar and I hell of want to pull down on it.

    Has anyone pulled it off?? Berry?? Anyone got the elete beta for the sick sequence? I heard you go like this:
    L foot toe hook the blue hold
    R foot smear the red hold
    R hand pinches the green sloper
    L hand crimps the pink jug
    do a gaston and high step L foot to blue edge
    toe cam the R foot on the yellow hold
    move L hand to undercling on the orange hold
    R hand mono doigt’s the purple hold
    then i heard that nobody has gone past there (Berry?)

    Well enough of that sillyness, I have the next 2+ weeks of KILLER BRAH indoor climbing at my disposal, I bet I figure it out.. OR NOT!! lol / j/k.. lol.. rotflmao.. j/k :>.

    Don’t worry, I won’t move a single hold… God knows there’s like 50 million unused holds but I wouldn’t want anyone to come back and have a single thing any different than what they’ve tried / done 50 billion times before.

    So you all rest easy … let visions of sugar plum fairies climbing on plastic fill your heads. I will take over the wall. I want you all to have a holly jolly Christmas this year.

    From the heart, xoxoxo,

    – t. t. g.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Barry/Gina [mailto:asdf]
    Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 7:09
    To: tons of people..
    Subject: Next Two Weeks


    I’m out of town on vacation for the next two weeks. Anyone able to
    cover my shift from 1700 – 1900 on Thursdays? Tim Veazey covers the second
    half from 1800 – 2000.


  8. i heard from someone that works that ‘they’ (the person) had removed some greasy holds and put new ones up. there are TONS of unused holds in there, clean ones to boot.

    so that person changed that route. the route had been there for like .. more than a year.

    well, that person came back and some c!m guzzling pukes had put the old holds back on there. what a bunch puke bags.

    but that typifies the ridgecrest climbers mentalities: do the same thing all the time never change a thing. fucking ridiculous. ludicrous. sickening.

    i mean to be so pitiful as to actually have a climbing wall and keep the same holds on it and never change them .. seems like yer missing the point of having all the holds.

    I HATE CLIMBING WALLS. if i were president of the USA, i would ban them outright.

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