Hidden River

Hidden River

I didn’t ride the bike at all last week due to sub-zero temperatures and Ann being in Santa Fe part of the week. Now on my return I find the Cache La Poudre River gone, and a snowy animal causeway in its place.

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  1. There may be some suffering involved, but I still hold out hope for a climbing outing or two this winter.

    I’m happy to see you have access to a good first aid kit for your winter bouldering season.

  2. i see a lot pics of bouldering at Veedavoo.. looks perty decent too.

    well, it’s give and take. i am sure you are going to get some good snow fun in. darn near mid-month and there isn’t a scrap of the white stuff on Owens Peak.
    Olancha is nice and patchy.

    but the weather is the best [for bouldering] since i have moved here. seriously. in the last 2 months, there has not been an appreciable / noticeable amount of wind. seriously. NO, I AM SERIOUS.
    i think there was ONE windy day. crazy.

    crystal clear, crisp and can be warm in the sun. hey, we even had some clouds the other day.

    yeah, the LIFESAVING KIT. wow. could you read the words?
    “This box contains the past life of an unhappy person.
    there’s more to life than I have. If you spend your life thinking of 1 thing, your missing all that life has for you.”

    can’t make out the last part. “death” is in there, both in the writing and in the box.


  3. I didn’t make out all of it, but I got the gist. Pretty intense.

    To gym with me tonight. Enjoy your perfect weather.

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