Infirmary Slabs in South St. Vrain Canyon

Pop goes the footsie

We milk another day of climbing out of the season! It was actually pretty nice out, and we had this crag to ourselves. Ann confidently chose to lead Acts of Contrition, a dicey 5.8 slab, as her first climb of the day. It worked her, and she took her first lead fall, but I was proud of her. Finishing it on toprope was all her fingers would take, but Sean and I went on to Remission 5.7+. I finished on Panic in the Grey Room 5.10a, a really nice sustained slab route. We’re excited to discover this area, and looking forward to more exploration here.

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  1. Hey Ann,

    Congrats on your first lead fall! You took it like a champ-at least it looks so from the pictures. Hope you figured out the moves on TR so you can get it next time 8^)

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