Vedauwoo – Nautilus

Ann on Tuesday Afternoon

None of us are feeling too motivated today, but Sean, Ann, and I rally ourselves to take advantage of one more sunny Saturday at Vedauwoo. There’s a ripping Wyoming wind on the drive up, but the Nautilus formation provides a pleasant sheltered spot at Friday’s Recess. I enjoy leading a couple of 5.8 trad pitches (Tuesday Afternoon, Deception pitch 1), but I think we all feel a little weak, and take more pleasure watching people climb the nearby classics like Friday the 13th 5.11a and Hesitation Blues 5.11b.

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9 responses to “Vedauwoo – Nautilus”

  1. d: thanks for making it sound like i was the only one who wasn’t a total wimp. man, i beat myself up yesterday. both arms feel bruised and weak and somehow, i bruised the inside of both knees.

  2. nah, you weren’t the only one. Especially if you got good & beat up – you might have been the only one to get a proper dose of the Voo!

  3. hey dylan, have you got to use your #5 CAmalot there yet or what?

    seems like this place suits yer climbing style well. i mean, Igor Unchained would prolly be considered a “splitter crack” at VV.

    btw, yer gonna freeze yer a$$ of this winter while i am out climbing (of course, you’ll be skiing / boarding). get yer fill, then move back. TONS OF JOBS / houing prices tripled since you left.

  4. I was contemplating the second pitch of Deception, but the guy next to us recommended a #6 for the top…

    Honestly, beyond the battle I had on Piton Perch, a 5.5 chimney, I have not yet begun my Fat Crack Initiation. There’s some serious grunting, grovelling, and repenting yet to be done. And my rack is not even close to the task.

  5. yes anne, you could just drive out here and park. hah. RAD. park it at WW.

    dylan, that is scary ’bout yer rack not being up to the task. IT NEEDS TO BE BIGGGG.

    before Tom (of climbing wall fame) left, i had him order a buncha Trango cams for me. they are the shit. i used ’em out at JTree. very slick. there is a big plus side in placing them which is a minus side in removing them, but it’d be hard to explain.

    but you need big stuff. those are all really small.

  6. yeah, I’m thinking a set of cams from 3″-6″ in half steps, and a few big bros will do the job. It’s a good thing I can’t afford ’em, otherwise I wouldn’t have a good reason to stay off of those SCARY OFFWIDTHS!

  7. “It’s a good thing I can’t afford ‘em, otherwise I wouldn’t have a good reason to stay off of those SCARY OFFWIDTHS! ”

    no shit. there’s a ton of “good things” associated with not owning a set of cams to tackle those “cracks”.

    i am both intrigued and disgusted just thinking about the rack and those offwidths. i just can’t imagine climbing on something that swallows a #5 Camalot.

  8. Maybe we should just arrange a time next summer when we can both buy a few pieces of big gear, meet at the Voo for a week, and see what we’re made of.

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