Ann’s first onsight in Poudre Canyon

Ann after climbing Warm Beer and Cold Women

A lazy, disorganized start to the day gets me to the crag without my climbing shoes. By the time I find the Ra area we don’t have much time left anyway. Ann steps up to the plate and leads the first pitch of Warm Beer and Cold Women, 5.8. It requires the placement of a big cam before she reaches the bolts, and after a few tries her placeent looks solid. She becomes quite calm and focused, with a little nervousness creeping out on one move with a slopey foothold. I enjoy watching Ann expand her climbing experience.

In the end she said the climb was fun for her, but nothing she’d go out of her way for, and pretty easy. We leave still feeling uncertain about climbing in the Poudre Canyon, one of our closest crags.

3 responses to “Ann’s first onsight in Poudre Canyon”

  1. Good Job ANN! Yeee Haaaw! Looks like a pretty area to climb at.

    There is still a little snow up in the Chute of Mt. Whitney! We could see that last weekend when we were up at Alabama Hills. Amazing just how much precipitation we had this year. Guess what? It’s raining here in Ridgecrest. Woke up this morning to that rainy desert smell…

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