Vedauwoo – Fall Wall

Ann leading Cold Fingers

To fill out our vacation we head back for one last day at Vedauwoo, this time with my long-lost cousin Doug Blocksma. We find Fall Wall vacant, which seems surprising for a Sunday. Ann, hungry now for some more leads, sets up ropes on Easy Friction, 5.4, and Cold Fingers, 5.7. Cold Fingers is fairly sustained slab and has one 20-ft run between bolts. Ann starts a little nervous, but looks calm and collected once she’s on the rock. Doug learns slab technique in about 30 seconds, and flies at anything we turn him loose on. I lead Drop Zone 5.9, and he pads up it with or without static feet. Colby from Casper joins us, and Doug follows him up 5.11 crack, now 5.9 due to piton scars, in the same style. Only Gunga Din, 5.11a, proves too much for Doug’s willful efforts. None of the rest of us make it up that excellent, crimpy route without at least one fall.

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3 responses to “Vedauwoo – Fall Wall”

  1. What fun you are having! I actually climbed up a sort of mountain myself yesterday, a 3 hour up and 1 hour down, pretty good for a flatfoot. I’m reminded of how beautiful it is there…such a good time to take time to enjoy it too. Here in Costa Rica I am faring well in shorts and tanks and painting and writing and keeping up with you.

  2. you should be careful cowboy, i AM susceptible to flattery. In all honesty, though, i think you painted too kind a picture of my first slab outing, but am utterly flattered at the same time.

    it’s looking like we shall be attacking longs on a saturday now, but actually hiking into the park on friday and camping at a site near the bottom of the north side of the peak. I really can’t wait….

  3. I’ll stand by my description – after all I rarely flatter without poking a little fun at the same time…

    I haven’t gone up Long’s from the north before, but it always looked good. Good luck!

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