Bouldering at the 420s

Dave bouldering

A leisurely day with some leisurely bouldering in the Poudre Canyon. Ann and I both make our fingers pink and raw, arms exhausted. There are wild berries everywhere here, and I wonder if we’ll see more bear sign, but none appears. During the night, however, there is a loud huffing outside our tent that sends Jezze fleeing in terror. I get up to investigate, but it crashes off to a safe distance. We can’t imagine what else it could have been. Later we hear gunshots and wonder it wandered into another, better armed camp.

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2 responses to “Bouldering at the 420s”

  1. Looks like a fun problem! If you eat the berries, just make sure you don’t eat too many at once.

    Are any of them Lindonberries? I’ve read about those-but I’ve never seen them before. What about Elderberries or schnozzberries? hee-hee.

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