Name the big wierd plant

mystery plant profile

mystery plant

We saw this plant growing by the trail on Long’s Peak just above timberline. It has me stumped so far. I have a guess as to the family it belongs to, but I can’t find anything that seems like a good match in my usual resources. This specimen was nearly three feet tall, and there were a few smaller ones growing nearby. A park ranger happened by, but had no idea what it was.

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  1. I guessed it some kind of mullein. I found a picture of something called “Great Mullein” of the Figwort Family –Verbascum thapsus–that was somewhat similar, esp the leaves, but not as many flowers. The website is ridiculously long…great mullein photo

    See if that works.

  2. Mystery solved! From Al Schneider at

    Your mystery plant is Frasera speciosa, Monument Plant. It grows to about seven feet tall, produces an abundance of green/white flowers and is having a great flowering year. Look at my web site in the Brown/Green flower section and you will find a number of photos of Monument Plant and some very interesting research about it.

    Thanks Al!

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