2 thoughts on “Veggies

  1. $425 / 22 weeks… hmm… ~$20 / week on veggies.. hmmm….

    i guess the upshot is i would eat more the EXPENSIVE vegs, lie bell pepper. but you’d be hardpressed to eat $20 worth of carrots / week. i eat 2 / day and that’s like … a penny a carrot.

    the upshot is, i heard that purple carrots taste better and are better for you.

  2. We’re splitting a share with another couple, so that halves the price. For a wide variety of organic veggies every week it doesn’t seem bad. There’s always going to be cheaper, mass-produced veggies available if you’re willing to eat the pesticides they put on them. The CSA also sort of connects you with the growing process too – if there’s good rain you get more, better veggies, and if there’s a heat wave or hail your share suffers with the crop…

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