Wedding: Jason & Laurie


I rouse myself painfully early from my spot on the floor of Kim & Toby’s new house, the site of Pete’s going away party. Some breakfast and coffee at the Watercourse revive me, and I head northwest into the mountains to meet Ann at the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat where our friends Jason & Lauri are getting married. Their ceremony is heartfelt & joyful, with much good music and singing. Ann and I feel our 2 year anniversary approaching, and I think in our minds we say their vows with them, renewing our own bond.

There’s a tasty looking Indian luncheon afterwards that I’m not able to partake of, and while Ann and Alan go for a hike I crash out under a tree until the afternoon thunderstorms wake me. I’m still not back to 100%, but I’m able to enjoy some exploring and then a first-class dinner at the Red Lion Inn. We’re all finished when the dinner is over, but the bride and groom looked bright-eyed still and ready to dance the night away. Our good wishes at least will dance with them, but we make the drive back to Fort Collins with our last physical energy.

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