Into the Belly of the Whale

Moby Jane

The Belly

Moving into Moby Jane is not easy, but there are pleasant surprises. There’s room for some books, files, pictures, the KitchenAid, and quite a few clothes without even hitting the outside storage. The more we move in the freer we feel.


We can’t resist trying to put the awning up without reading the instructions. It almost cost Ann a finger, but the result is pretty pleasant! I repair a sewer hose and drain the water tanks, getting familiar with the operation of these things. We learn that we’ll need to feed the microbes in our ‘black water’ tank with bright blue powder and biodegradable TP. There are lots of fans and vents to play with. We even have TWO television sets.


It will be a very different life, but it feels comfortable. Even T-Rex quickly found a spot to take a nap. We have a view of the big Colorado sky so we can watch the thunder storms roll through. Our only worry is that even though Moby Jane has accomated a surprising amount of our stuff, there is much more back at the house. It still seems impossible that it will all fit.

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  1. Wow, MJ is really very nice! I didn’t realize you were both moving into it straight away. How cool-Ann looks so happy standing in front.

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