Closing Time

Moby Jane

The closing on our new home almost went badly. It started well – when we turned into the Heron Lake RV park on Friday afternoon our new fifth wheel was headed through the gate right in front of us. Suddenly, being almost ours, it took on a sudden, lustrous beauty. The white land whale was not beached but gliding gracefully down the road, her natural habitat. Don backed her into our spot, showed us how to level her, and we all headed for the bank.

signing things

I had called in earlier to ask what I needed to bring to the closing, and the credit union officer said pretty much just my ID and checkbook. Ann prodded me to get a cashier’s check and proof of insurance, but I let it slide. Of course we ended up needing both. At 5 pm on Friday Ann got someone to keep our bank open late for her, and while she rushed off to get the check I left messages for our insurance agent to fax the insurance info. This was thankfully good enough for the credit union, Ann returned with the check, and we were soon off to celebrate a successful deal and learn how to hook up the sewer system!

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  1. Congratulations Dudes! Awesome for sure. What a beauty. Sure beats car camping! Wow, it’s so big too-does it have a bar so you can make a Margherita?

  2. Well there’s not quite a bar, but Ann has a liquor cabinet that beats drinking from the well at most bars any day…

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