The Ironclads

Poacher's Rock

At last the sky was clear at dawn, so we packed up to check out Poacher’s Rock at the Ironclads. We were actually thankful that the road was a little too rough for the Subaru, requiring us to hike two thirds of a mile in to the rocks. Poacher’s Rock is the site of 11 short but fun bolted routes. There are some taller, more serious bolted/trad routes on Mt. Boner to the east. We got there early, and the north-side routes were a tad cold but very quiet. As the day warmed up ATVs and gunfire replaced the quiet. I’d say the routes are rated pretty soft, as I cruised two 10c’s and didn’t struggle until I got on an 11a. We went home tired, raw-fingered, and happy.

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7 responses to “The Ironclads”

  1. yer pics are ok. that birdie pick needs to be quite a bit closer. perty bird tho.

    rock looks nice. setting looks great.

    i got a camera now.. of course i keep beating the shit out of it. my $300 (+ $100 worth of accessories) camera is now up to $555.

  2. Ann tried to destroy our camera on this trip when I hid it in my hat. A nice, loud crack. We may have lost a few pics.

    Where do we see yours?

  3. Fair enough – this one is in Roosevelt National Forest, just southeast of Rocky Mountain National Park. I just select “Topozone near here” from the GPS menu at the top of the post to look this up, but I suppose I could save you the trouble by including some more names in the post. 🙂

  4. Now I see why you were’nt detailing the location. This is great. I’m looking for a single-day trip, with a visiting friend, to explore not far from a four-wheel drive road, in two weeks. Wildflowers should be out if I can find the right spot.

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