It’s On – Liquidation Time


Our fifth wheel purchase is making progress, making a drastic reduction in our inventory necessary. As we look around us, we realize that nearly everything must go. The RV will accommodate our bare essentials, and not much more. A garage sale was already in the works, but Ann took the reins and distributed a price list of our more desirable possessions among our local friends. Visit by visit, our rental house is emptying out. Some things are tough to let go – my old guitars, Ann’s Lola’s Cafe Libertad sign. As we release these things, though, we feel lighter and freer. The adventure we’ve set out on is slowly moving from fantasy to reality before our eyes.

5 responses to “It’s On – Liquidation Time”

  1. you 2.. rad. that’s all i gotta say.

    “worldly possesions”. my parents have an attic full of them. and they rent a garage to store more of these. and their garage is bursting at the seems. sick. mom is good.. it’s all about dad.

    but you 2.. i feel a pleasant twinge of envy regarding the situation you are putting yourselves in. i feel good that there are people out there that can make this kind of commitment. and the thought of owning essentials (not bare essentials) is intriguing for sure.

    i like this new adventure. generally envy is accompanied by negative feelings, but i am so interested to see how this works out i am actually kinda sorta excited about it.

    maybe because it’s “mysterious”. i mean, buying a house is exciting (i still need to do that), but it’s no departure from the norm. i dunno.. just seems cool.

  2. Yes, this is an extremely brave thing to do. For most, materialists this would be devastating. I’m really thrilled-and only hope you two take some time to venture back to Ridgecrest for a visit. Drive the thing out to Wagon Wheel and blend in with all the other “tourists” 8^)

  3. I would love to see our rig parked in Wagon Wheel one day. We’ll have to have some patience along with our adventure, though, cause we’re not even buying the truck to pull it yet. Still, I imagine we’ll be supplying some entertainment. We appreciate having some friends behind us!!!

  4. Hey Dylan,

    I’ll give you 20 bucks for a box of books (plus shipping), if you are thinking of selling them. It would be a fun surpise to see what you guys send me 8^)

    Of course, it’s completely up to you! Yes, I know I’m a nut.


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