2000 Excel 33TRO

Excel 33TRO

We met the owners of this used Excel fifth wheel tonight. It’s smaller than the one we were looking at on the Windish RV lot, but much closer to our price range! We might even be able to afford the tow vehicle they’re selling. The idea of rejecting the unwheeled lifestyle is starting to become more tangible. Anchors away, matey.

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  1. GD… it has a TV in it.. a nice one too. not some bw 10″ model. looks cool dude.

    where would you park it?

    thing is… ok, i don’t know how much money yer making, but there is NO BETTER INVESTMENT than a house / property. if you get this.. what are you going to do with the rest of your money?

    what i am saying is there is no good reason not to have both. i know you hate clutter / you are a minimalist.

    i s’pose you could buy this and save money then get a house.

    all right. now i am confused. i am sure you 2 will make a decision that most satisfies the both of you.

    looks cool. you better try driving it before you buy it, know what i mean.. park it, level it, back it up, etc.

  2. We’ve experienced the same confusion. In the end we conclude that we’re not property managers, and we don’t want to be. If I make an investment I want it to work for me, not me for it. I’d be freaked out buying a house right now anyway with all the housing bubble warnings.

    We’ll looking a place called Heron Lake to park. It’s on a bike path along the Poudre River that goes right to town, has all the hookups, and allows dogs.

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