Pray It’s The Last

Something that rarely happens to me occurred today – I thought of a joke. I know it’s not a joke to be proud of, but it makes me marvel at my own odd sense of humor. Why do I laugh at stuff like this? I have no idea. Unfortunately this a computer-geek joke as well, so if the chances that you would find my humor funny to begin with were greater than zero, cut them by another 95%. Without further ado:

How many programmers does it take to name a variable?

Hold on while I catch my breath … Ok, if you’re looking for the punchline you can stop now, it’s just the question. Whew. Too bad I don’t have the timing for stand up.

5 responses to “Pray It’s The Last”

  1. I laughed when I read the question. Then I looked for the punch line. Now we need a punch line that is as funny as the question. Something like:

    “More than one never gets done.”


    “You mean ‘x’ and ‘xx’ and ‘xyx’ aren’t descriptive enough?”

    As you can see, I’m no comedian either.

  2. You’re right! ‘i’ would be a funny answer, but not true enough. Maybe, “Any number, but runtime increases exponentially!” Too cheesy. I like just letting you laugh at the answer because you know it without hearing it. Maybe a little bit like, “Did you hear about the dyslexic guy who walked into a bra?”

  3. Ouch! You just had to go and do it didn’t you… we prayed it was the last and it wasn’t. Particularly for those of us who didn’t get the first one…

  4. It made me laugh and I had no idea what you were talking about. You can blame being joke challeneged on your dad and me….although we each have a sense of humor and can even be funny, I never heard your dad tell a joke and I only remember one and it isn’t nice.

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