Name the flowering tree

white blossoming tree

rose blossoming tree

These blossoming trees have brightened the streets of Fort Collins lately, like a message that Spring has officially opened. I had no idea what they were, but there were clearly two varieties: white and rose. They intrigued me enough to tote the camera to work with me and identify them.

white blossoming tree

rose blossoming tree

I usually have little interest in trees I think of as “landscaping trees”, but these appear to do so well here I thought they might be native. It turns out they’re not, but once introduced they’ve done well along the Front Range. They adapt to dry and cold weather with a hardy root system, and would probably survive on their own now without the help of landscapers. They are commonly grafted with other trees to make bushes and other decorative varities, though. Do you know what they are?

4 responses to “Name the flowering tree

  1. Good! After I looked it I remembered that I knew Crabapple trees when I was a kid. They provided ammunition for all the neighborhood kids to huck at each other!

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