Antics at Vedauwoo


half moon

At last, my old childhood stomping ground is melted off and climbable! We headed up to Vedauwoo with our friend Alan to introduce him to climbing, and I eased back onto the lead on Easy Friction, 5.4. We all had a ball on this familiar slab, Easy Lieback 5.5, Cold Fingers 5.7, and Dropzone 5.9. The weather was gorgeous, and we invented a new sport – rope yoga! Check out the Flickr pics for some more shots of this.

Best of all, we’re stoked on climbing again! The gym had become depressing, and the fresh air and uncontested views of Vedauwoo reminded us that we like climbing!

3 responses to “Antics at Vedauwoo”

  1. I remember watching you climb something similar at Vedauvoo. It’s very impressive. I can’t imagine doing yogo on those rocks but you look fabulous.

  2. I like the Triangle one-that is awesome Ann! I just gotta try rope Yoga. Looks like you might want to use a body harness though 8^) Try Childs pose next time. Then edit out the rope. That would look cool!

  3. Randy told me to check out these photos of your yoga poses. Geez. It’s hard enough just mastering them on a mat…
    Takes balance to a whole new level.
    Very cool.

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