Happy Birthday Ann

Ann candle

Ann’s birthday is this week, and my dad came up on Saturday for a little celebration. Ann’s friend Ronda is hosting another party in Fort Collins this weekend (popular girl!) – write if you want to come!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Ann”

  1. Oh yes, happy birthday, Ann! What a great picture of both you and Dan. It looks as if he really did it up beautifully, as usual. I hope you got a Dan letter. My little package should arrive today! Love you so much! Mary

  2. Happy b-day Ann! We went to AH to celebrate Dennis’ b-day on Sunday. Then we went to Baskins and Robbins for a more luxuriating way of celebrating. After sampling all 31 flavors, and climbing 5.14, Dennis said it was his best birthday ever. (He is in his prime now!). So what are you like 19? Hee-hee. Miss yer.

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